Ready to enter the MTC

Ready to enter the MTC
Kayleigh, Cassidy and Kindee

We have a date!

It sounds like Elder Capps will be flying home on August 15th, YAHOO! I'm pretty excited to see him and I think the rest of the family is too!;) I will update the blog as soon as we know more information about his arrival and speaking date.

For those who are wondering why there hasn't been any letters posted for a while it's because we haven't received too many hand written ones :). Oh well, I guess he has been busy!

Letter from May 12, 2011

Dear family,
Wow so the time is really starting to go by very fast. I feel like I was just in the Provo MTC or just starting in Lima. Now i have more than 3 months in Cerro De Pasco. I'm here for another change too so it will be more than 4 months before I leave. I'm happy though. Cerro is a cool place and this is probably the only time in my life I will be here so I'm making lots of memories and taking lots of pictures.
So they put a zone up here in Cerro. Now we have four more missionaries here. This change President opened up a ton of new areas. I guess he sent some missionaries to open little branches and put them as branch presidents. It's all pretty crazy. I'm Senior Companion now. My new companero is Elder Farfan. Remember that I had a companion in the CCM named that, but it's not the same guy. He has about 3 1/2 months in the mission. I actually saw him entering the mission field the night before I left Chosica. I don't know if I'm ready or not to be in charge, but I'm gonna do my best and just work hard. I just completed 9 months, but by no means do I feel like I know everything or that my Spanish is even that good. I still have a long ways to go.
You should see the sky I'm looking at right now. I fell like I could just reach out and touch the clouds. It looks like it could rain, but lately it just rains about five minutes then stops. It's really interesting the weather here, one minute it's colder than the North Pole, then the next instant it's all sunshine.
So I'm really bad about writing letters, I started this letter the 12th and right now I'm in June. Sorry about that. I think I should tell you about my birthday. My Pensionista is the wife of the bishop and a few days before the 24th they told me they had a surprise for me. I was thinking, just a cake or something. When Tuesday gets here, she has pancakes for breakfast. The pancakes here are a little different than what you're used to, but it was really good. For lunch she made mashed potatoes, up to this point I felt pretty spoiled. Then at dinner is when I got the surprise. When I walked in there was a cake with my name on it and next to it two Pizza Hut pizza's. In Cerro De Pasco there are no Pizza Huts, so the bishop had his family bring it from Huancayo, about 3 hours away. I haven't had pizza since before I left Chaclacayo. I couldn't believe they did that for me. First they all sang happy birthday and I blew out the candle. We nuked the pizza and me and Elder Farfan ate until we were stuffed. I don't think food has ever tasted that good as that pizza. We all ate cake afterwards. I was good and full that night. And they let me keep the leftovers, so I took the rest of the cake to some investigators and they ate the leftovers. It was just a really good day. I swear that it will be just as hard to leave this area as it was to leave Chaclacayo. I have so many memories and friends here that I don't want to leave, I pretty much know everyone here and I'm pretty well known by the people. I'm used to the weather and the altitude, I'll probably die if I get some place that really hot.
So today is Sunday and in all of Peru the people are voting for the next president. On days like these we aren't allowed to leave the room. It's actually pretty boring. I understand that it's for our safety, but still we can't eve leave to go eat. We have to have people bring us food. I've been doing a bit of drawing and writing. These elections are actually important to us missionaries. Depending on who wins, we might get shipped out of the country. One of the candidates doesn't like foreigners very much. I'll keep you posted.
The last P-day that we had we went and climbed up a hill in the zone leaders area. On the way up we found some caves and I climbed down into one. I got down and found a dead dog so I decided to climb back out. At the top of the hill there was a Peruvian flag, but it was a metal flag so I took some pictures hanging from it. It was an amazing view. On the way down we ran into a herd of sheep. The Shepherd talked to us a little while and we took some pictures with his pet Alpaca.
I did divisions a short time ago. I went to an area brand new int he mission, just a few minutes away. I was with Elder Quispe, he's brand new int he mission, just a few weeks, but he is a very powerful very spiritual missionary. We taught some great lessons and had a lot of success together. The first place we went we taught a family of four. The husband and his wife and two kids. At first they didn't talk much, but when we were finishing he told me that he didn't think it was casualidad that we had come by. The next lesson was a guy who has been listening to missionaries more than 2 years. Elder Quispe shared his testimony with him and we all felt the spirit so strong. It was incredible. The guy didn't say "baptize me" right then, but he told us he knew he would be baptized and wen he did he would call me. We had another lesson with a husband of a member. They have a son in the mission. This guy had some doubts about baptism so we shared some scriptures and at the end he said eh wanted to be baptized. It was an amazing experience for me and got me really excited to work in my own area. I feel like we are teaching with a lot of power and the spirit. We have 3 baptism planned for this 18 of Junio. I feel so much love for the people, I just want to help them. I want so bad that they can come to realized that God loves them and He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for them. That through the right baptism they can receive exaltation if they are faithful. Pray for these people, pray that they will soften their hearts and listen to us. Pray for us, the missionaries. Pray that we can find these people and help them.
Love you tons. Pray that all is well. Keep the faith and be an example of the believers. Take care.
Elder Capps

Cerro de Pasco

After finding out where Cass was transfered to, we decided to look it up and this is what we found.
There is a mine that is 2 miles deep in the middle of the city! He is also in the highest stake in the world!! Elevation: 14,107ft.

Six months into the mission

February 11, 2011

Dear family,
So I don't know if you realized, but today I complete six months in the mission. I'm still a greenie, but pretty soon I won't be.
How time has flown by. It seems like yesterday I was calling you from the airport when I left to come to Peru. Well lets see, I've made it through the Provo MTC experience without gaining to much weight from the all-you-can-eat cereal bar. I've made it through the Peru CCM and luckily all my visa and passport papers made it through so I can legally be here. I've completed my 3 month training and now I'm just a regular junior companion. I've already had some very cool, very spiritual and some scary experiences. It's weird thinking that I have been a part of bringing people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can't wait to see what the next six months brings.
So we had a BBQ at Angela's house last P-day. It was pretty fun. We had a good time trying to get the charcoal lit. She didn't have any lighter fluid, but my comp tried using olive oil and liquid hand sanitizer. Finally got it lit and they cooked some really good strips of beef.
I went on splits with my zone leader Elder Barnes. I went and spent 24 hours with him in his area. We had a ton of fun, we taught lessons and contacted like normal, but then we could talk in between, and we could talk in english. He's from Star Valley, Wyoming and he knows the Saunders. He graduated with Carolee. Darylyn might as if Jessica remembers Elder Barnes. It's such a small world though, isn't it? So we worked together and we even played basketball in the morning with some neighborhood kids from the church. It had been such a long time since I had played anything but soccer, and I was so rusty.
The weather is kind of ac ting weird right now. It's hot and humid, really humid, and it rains almost every day now. it's kind of refreshing when the rain comes, but when it stops it's more humidity. But the heat is nothing like home. They actually have a very mild climate.
So the other day Junior went out with us and worked. It was really cool to have one of my converts out Proselyting and in the lessons with us. I can just see him with a plaque, preaching the gospel. And now that we are teaching his mom, I can see the whole family going to the temple.
Tell me how you are all doing? Hows Ali and Sam and the little girls? Whens the nephews due date? And Darylyn found a job yet or is she still looking? Tell her to have fun and not stress too much. Whats Jed's situation? And don't forget to tell me how you're doing. Give my love to the rest of the family. I love you.
Love Elder Capps

Saying goodbye to Chaclacayo

Cass spends his last night with his friends and companion before moving on to Cerro de Pasco.

Most recent pics from the field

Clearing rocks to make a space for a family to build their home.

Most recent letter from Cassidy

Since I slacked off and didn't get this blog started until several months into Cass' mission I thought I would just share his first and last letter. This one was pretty personal but I thought you all might like to read it because i really enjoyed what he had to say about Grandma and also seeing what an amazing testimony he has.
Hey Family
So I wish that I could be there with you guys right now, I don't know that I'd be any help to you, but it would help me. I've been thinking a lot these past couple of days about this news. When I first received the call from President levya I was in shock and didn't know what to think. Honestly pres. Levya didn't say much just that Grandma had died and that Ali had called him. It was kind of a strange way to receive such news. I explained what happened to my companion and he tried to give me some comfort, but in times like these it doesn't feel like anybody understands. I don't think we are ever ready to receive such news or ready to let someone we love go. I've been thinking a lot lately about all the good times I had with Grandma. As far back as I can remember she was always there. An example, a teacher, a friend, a shoulder to cry on, and most especially a first-class grandma. I remember when I'd get sick at school and they would call grandma to come pick me up. I remember having oreos and milk every time I'd visit. The Mickey mouse pancakes she'd make especially for us. The smell of cinnamon rolls. working on a giant puzzle, hours of card games, greedy and aggravation. We would watch movies 'Little house on the prairie' and every Saturday morning ' the price is right'. I remember going camping once just grandma, grandpa and me, darylyn and mikey. Of course we went to the north fork and grandma prepared our meals and tucked us in at night. The ghost stories 'Little Orphan Annie' and the stories of her childhood and life. I was always having lunch or breakfast with her, she taught me how to cook somethings. It's where i first tasted pero. I always had a place i could go. She was always there. I remember shucking pees with Grandma. She could go so fast and I was so slow, but we always had fun, too. I watched her grow old. I saw the affects old age had on her, but her arthritic hands still were always doing good for others. I started helping her with lots more things, The roles began to shift. For some reason I was always the one that got more out of the service. When we'd go to the doctor or go shopping I always received my frosty and fries. She was always taking care of me. I remember the family home evenings we had. There was always something learned in those night. I was so lucky to be able to talk to such wise and kind people every monday. I remember watching as her mind started getting worse, her thinking slower. It was hard. slowly her body became weaker, but she never did like to ask for help, because it was always her who had given the service before. Then we both lost someone very dear to us. I remember when Grandpa died and the first time i saw Grandma she took me in her arms and I bawled like a baby. She was the on who had lost her husband and I was being comforted by her. Then we lost another. I remember when Bev passed and our FHE groups lost it's second member. Grandma lost her best friend and I lost my second Grandma. We both cried. Almost every happy memory i have Grandma is either in the forefront or in the back ground. Her life was spent working hard and serving others. She has a legacy more precious than any jewel. All who had the privilege of knowing her or were receivers or beneficiaries of her kindness have had a special experience. She was part of the 'Greatest Generation' and she more than lived up to the name. She raised 10 beautiful children who in turn became great parents and raised up more children. Some of their kids had the great opportunity to know this wonderful lady. One especially lucky grandson grew up right next to her. She was a faithful member of this church and she taught us by example. She taught me to be truthful, hard-working, kind and to choose the right. She taught me to serve a mission and right now thats what I'm doing. God is very pleased with the life that she led here and is even happier to welcome her home. We are sad because we no longer have such a valiant spirit amongst us. but she will forever be in our thought and I think she'll always be looking out for us on the other side, waiting for the day we can all be joyfully reunited, never to be separated again. So now I want to do this mission right so i know that Grandma, Grandpa and Bev will be proud of me. I want to be able to see them again and hold my head up high. I've had the teachings of some of the greatest people to walk this earth. We have all been greatly blessed and now it's our turn to follow the examples they gave us. This isn't an ending, it's all one continual round. I know we will see Grandma again. i'm the son of Cherlyn Jacobs, who is the daughter of Dorothy Musgrove. I know my heritage is great and I want to live up to it.
Yesterday i gave a blessing to another grandma who is ill. She's the grandmother of one of our investigators and He is very sick. As i laid my hand son her head I felt the spirit. I was surrounded by her family and I could feel the love all of them have for her. I thought about Grandma and the blessing me and dad gave her not long before I left. Now i don't remember the words, but I remember the same feelings, it's a feeling that reassures me that no matter what happens God is there. He has a perfect knowledge and his love is infinite. Grandma is safe and in peace this I know. We have to walk by faith in this life and put our trust in a being who is much smarter and powerful.
I read Mosiah 4:9. He knows what He's doing, you can count on that. He will never lead us wrong. We can turn to Him and He will comfort us.
Think about the happy memories we had, that what i'm trying to do. Focus on how happy she is now. Think about what she would want me to do. Don't dwell on how bad it hurts, just keep pressing forward.
I don't know how you guys are, but I hope you're doing good. I want you to know that, I pray for you daily. I love you all so much you know you're the reason i'm here because of what you taught me growing up. I will be forever indebted to you. And don't ever think for a minute that I regretted my childhood or growing up next to Grandma and Grandpa. I love every minute of it and now that I don't have that I miss it like crazy. I didn't realize when I was younger the great blessing it was and i sometimes took it for granted. But I have those  memories and those experiences that I can draw on now.
So i'm keeping my head down and moving forward, I got Jacobs and Musgrove blood running right along with the Capps blood so you know i'm fine. I had the privilege of knowing one great person in my life, so I should be thankful. I won't tell you guys you shouldn't cry, because i'd be a hypocrite, but remember the happy times.
Love you forever. I'm working hard, but you are never far from my mind.
Endure to the end we must for eternal life is our goal.
Look forward to talking this Christmas. Until the next letter keep a prayer in you heart. Love you, love you, love you with all my heart, praying for you
Con Amor
Elder Capps
'Be Still My Soul' p. 124